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Tsuu T'ina Nation (Sarcee)


The Tsuu T'ina nation is located adjacent to southwest Calgary city limits. It is accessible via Anderson Road SW from Calgary. Limited access to parts of the reserve is also available via Highways #22 and #8.

The People

T7MC - Tsuu T'ina Nation
The Tsuu T'ina, which means "a great number of people", are a strong proud nation possessing a remarkable cultural heritage. The current chief of the Tsuu T'ina Nation is Chief Roy Whitney.

Descended from the Athapaskan-speaking people, which include the Navajo and Apache of the south and the Dene and Chippewa of the north, the Tsuu T'ina have kept their traditions and their culture has evolved into to one that is unique to Athapaskan-speaking people.

A strong independent people, their beliefs are embodied in the circle symbolizing the eternal continuity of life, the circle forms the basis of their emblem. The stretched beaver pelt is a symbol of the Beaver people and the two warbonnets represent the separation story of the Athapaskan and the Tsuu T'ina people. The peace pipe means "peace with all people". The broken arrow means "no more wars".

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