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News Archive - June 2011


Evelyn Good Striker Receives Dr. Joseph Crowshoe Award

Evelyn Good Striker Receives Dr. Joseph Crowshoe Award - photo
Treaty 6, 7, and 8 Indigenous Knowledge Wisdom Centre Manager, Evelyn Good Striker, Receives Dr. Joseph Crowshoe Award

On June 11, 2011 at the University of Calgary Native Centre, Evelyn Good Striker was honoured for her tireless work in the area of Aboriginal Education.

The Dr. Joseph Crowshoe Award is presented to a community member in recognition of their contribution to the field and practice of Aboriginal Education in Alberta. You can get more information on this award here.

In her past and current position, Evelyn has worked collaboratively on many projects and has always ensured that the Aboriginal perspective is considered. Her commitment to the advancement of Aboriginal Knowledge has moved Alberta’s education system toward a more inclusive and equitable approach thus improving the success for all Aboriginal students in Alberta.

The award was presented by Chief Reginald Crowshoe, son of Dr. Joseph Crowshoe, who also sang the Honour song for Evelyn.

Congratulations Evelyn, on this deserving accomplishment.

Posted on 28 Jun 2011

Treaty 7 Education Director Sheena Jackson Honoured

Deputy Minister's Award - Sheena Jackson - photo
At a ceremony in Edmonton on June 14, 2011 Treaty 7 Education Director, Sheena Jackson was honoured with the 2010 - 2011, DEPUTY MINISTERS' RECOGNITION AWARD for her collaboration and partnership efforts on the working group of the Tripartite Memorandum of Understanding.

Deputy Minister's Award - Sheena Jackson
The Deputy Ministers Award, was created in 1988 - 1989 to recognize and
reward exceptional performance of individuals and teams who have demonstrated high standards of excellence, professionalism and dedication to achieving Indian and Northern Affairs Canada's goals and objectives.

As a member of the working group Sheena has been instrumental in ensuring that the Memorandum of Understanding becomes a roadmap of success for all First Nation students in Alberta.

Congratulations on this most prestigious award Sheena! We are all very proud of your accomplishments!

(photo is of George Arcand Jr., Regional Director General of Indian and Northern Affairs Canada with Sheena Jackson, Treaty 7 Education Director; Sheena is holding her Award!)

Posted on 28 Jun 2011