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Book Club Winds Up Successfully!

Kainai Board of Education/Peigan Board of Education

Dawn Reithaug’s “Orchestrating Success In Reading” Book Club Successfully Winds Up

Commitment to being effective Reading teachers, commitment to ensuring methodology matches students learning styles and commitment to direct teaching best describes the enthusiastic group of teachers from the Kainai Board of Education and the Peigan Board of Education who completed a six week Book study of Dawn Reithaug’s book “Orchestrating Success In Reading”. The group, who represented a high school principal and teachers from both the elementary and high school streams, completed their study on a high note knowing that the skills and knowledge they acquired during the six week study period would go a long way toward helping their students become better readers.

The book club was coordinated by the Special Education Department at Treaty 7 Management Corporation in cooperation with the Kainai Board of Education(KBE) . The texts, which were provided by the KBE, were purchased through the First Nations Student Success Program (FNSSP). The book club focused on the meaning, methodology and necessity of direct instruction of Reading. Because of the multitude of learning styles in any given classroom teachers can no longer assume that one teaching style will meet the needs of all their students. The text “Orchestrating Success in Reading” stresses the need to model Reading strategies and approaches (I DO) and then give guided practice as the students and teacher work on Reading strategies together (WE DO) and then finally getting students to independently use the learning strategies they have practiced (YOU DO). The six weeks the teachers spent together were jam-packed with learning discussions and collegiality. As a result, when the book club culminated on December 8, 2010, it was a bittersweet gathering knowing that the group learning sessions would end for this year.

The high point of the evening was the recognition, through certification, that the entire group were now proficient Reading Practitioners with a vast repertoire of strategies in the Assessment of Reading, Phonological and Phonemic Awareness, Fluency, Vocabulary and Comprehension. Great Work Everyone!

Book Club Successfully Winds Up

(Annette Bruised Head, Principal from Kainai High School, and Evelyn Goodstriker were unable to join the group at the Wind Up supper and as a result are not in the photograph.)

Posted on 14 Dec 2010