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Information Technology

The Treaty 7 IT Department is responsible for supporting the IT requirements of Departments located in both the T7MC Head Office and Branch Office, as well as developing and maintaining its own projects.

General Departmental Responsibilities include:

  • Administration of T7MC's internet, networking, and computing services
  • Responsibility for the design, setup, and administration of T7MC’s Internet presence www.treaty7.org and Internet services that support office functionality
  • Manage and maintain primary LAN, Web servers, Mail servers, and all network servers
  • Support & service workstations and all computer-related equipment and software used in the daily functions of T7MC
  • Evaluate software and hardware for departmental use
  • Responsible for staff IT support and training
  • Support each department with technology as required or requested, support specific programs and initiatives within each program
  • Provide planning, support and maintenance of internal IT needs and requirements
  • Develop proposals and initiatives that bring technology to Treaty 7
  • Manage technology initiatives that have received funding
  • Currently the only department that does work for outside agencies

We continue to work with clients of all types including governments, First Nations organizations & private-sector companies and have received several awards including the Deputy Minister’s Award for Creativity and Innovation (Status Card Project) as well as an AFOA award (Housing Database) and recognition from the AFN & the Auditor General.

Our projects include: websites, interactive CD-ROMs & DVDs, secure identification cards, database design, software and graphics design work.

Two of our larger projects include: Housing Director Database System (HDDS) and the IRS/CIS Project

Housing Director Database System (HDDS)

The Treaty 7 IT department worked in conjunction with the T7 Housing Centre to design a database for Treaty 7 Housing to manage housing data, demographics and inspections. This database involves the use of GPS (Global Positioning Systems) technology and spatial data representation using GIS (Geographical Information Systems) technologies.

The HDDS is also designed to be a “live” system with information being centralized and available immediately and more accurately than ever before. To our knowledge this is the first “live” system of its kind developed specifically for a FN application.

IRS/CIS Pilot Project and IRS Re-engineering

The T7MC IT Department has continued its relationship with INAC with this ongoing pilot project. Our staff remains the central print centre for the Treaty 7 region, as well as the IT support centre for all locations.

This project developed and now produces the new status cards (CIS cards) as well as reviewed the issuance procedure in conjunction with the re-engineering of the old Indian Registry System (IRS) to the one in use today.

Our CIS card production staff are responsible for the processing of applications, printing, and shipping of the status cards to our Treaty 7 Bands as well as INAC application centres located in Tsuu T’ina and Edmonton Region. Our staff have also remained involved with the IRS re-engineering portion of the project through continued development, support and testing.

Our current Director of Information Technology is George Fleet