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Health Secretariat

T7MC - Health Secretariat
The Treaty 7 Health Secretariat serves the Treaty 7 communities in both an advisory and consultative capacity for Health Services funded by First Nations and Inuit Health (FNIH) through the Contribution Agreement framework. We identify and develop changing objectives in Health and maintain and develop partnerships between T7MC and the communities of Treaty 7 and their Health Directorates.

We provide channels for information concerning health, health programming, health funding, and related issues to Treaty 7. Our Health Secretariat is an avenue for partnership, advocacy and collective action in the capacity of Health for Treaty 7.

Most importantly we provide high-level analysis and interpretive services for Treaty 7 leadership in order to assist them in the identification of health issues and trends both regionally and nationally

We provide only limited health services in areas of collective interest or need without competing with individual nation initiatives.

There are 5 main program/service-oriented areas:

The current Director of our Health Secretariat is Carolynn Small Legs
Our Health Admin Assistant is Sharla McMaster