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Chief Executive Officer

The Chief Executive Officer is the highest-ranking corporate officer or administrator in charge of management of a corporation, and reports to the Board of Directors (in our case the 7 Chiefs of Treaty No. 7).

This CEO position is a dual role with responsibilities of overseeing two (2) separate and distinct, yet related organizations:

  • Treaty 7 First Nations Chiefs’ Association and
  • Treaty 7 Management Corporation

Both of these organizations provide advisory services and advocacy services.

Treaty 7 First Nations Chiefs’ Association is the “political” organization that is a venue for the Chiefs of Treaty 7 to comment, address, and influence political issues (specifically Treaty rights) as they impact the member Nations of Treaty No. 7.

It is predominantly funded by Indian 7 Northern Affairs Canada (INAC), under the IGI (Intergovernmental Initiatives) program formerly called IGO or Intergovernmental Opportunities) program.

The IGI also has five (5) main areas of concentration:

  • Skills Development
  • Education
  • Child & Family Services
  • Water
  • Housing

Our current CEO is Ryan Robb