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Treaty 7 Management Corporation

T7MC - branch office collage
On March 31, 2005, Treaty 7 Tribal Council was dissolved. On April 1, 2005, to better meet the needs of Treaty 7 First Nation members, Treaty 7 Management Corporation (T7MC) was created in its place.

In the spirit of Treaty 7 Tribal Council, Treaty 7 Management Corporation’s primary purpose remains to be an advisory organization for the Nations of the Treaty 7 region of Alberta.

T7MC will continue forth with the purpose of Treaty 7 Tribal Council outlined in “The Societies Act Application” as follows:

The Treaty 7 Tribes, by its unique relationship with the Crown in Right of Canada by the making of Treaty No. 7, and by the unique ties and relations found among the Member Tribes, do declare:

  • to provide for the protection of our rights as defined in Treaty No. 7 and in the Constitution Acts, 1867 and 1982;
  • to enhance the interests of the Member Tribes;
  • to enhance Treaty No. 7 initiatives, keeping in mind the spirit and intent of the Treaty;
  • to actively and collectively pursue the common political goals of the Member Tribes;
  • to do all things that are necessary for the betterment and welfare of the Member Tribes, except to administer services otherwise provided and administered by each Member Tribe for its respective members.

Unlike other Tribal Councils in Alberta and across Canada, T7MC does not provide program service delivery. Our mandate is to provide advisory services in areas of common interest to Treaty 7 First Nations. We try to facilitate, coordinate, and develop positions for lobbying in areas such as Treaties, Education, Health, Community Development, Social Development and Economic Development. However, this cannot be done without community input. In all these areas each First Nation is represented on the committees set up to develop the positions for the leadership to decide upon.